Developer Advocate at Port

Port is building a developer portal platform to catalog all software and resources, and enable self-service for developers, creating one source of truth and freeing everyone up to ship better software faster.

The role

Port is hiring its first Developer Advocate.

At Port, Developer Advocacy supports the relationship between Port & developers worldwide. Our Developer Advocate will promote standards and good development practices by actively engaging with developer communities, raising awareness of the Developer Portal concept, act as an evangelist and guide and educate developers, while communicating feedback into Port from the field.


  1. Represent Port at various virtual and in-person events such as meetups and conferences, including social media engagement and drive meaningful conversations about developer portals and the developer experience
  2. Produce high-quality educational material for developers using Port, such as technical documentation, - blog posts, and video lessons
  3. Translate user feedback into actionable items for the engineering team to work on
  4. Identify opportunities to improve our product
  5. Act as an evangelist for developer portals and the developer experience, producing valuable educational and technical input that will be useful to the community and eco-system
  6. Track and engage with the ecosystem, wherever the developer experience dialogue is
  7. Own Port’s growing DevEx community 

What We Look For

  1. 3-5 years of experience as a Developer Advocate or similar role
  2. Experience producing highly technical content (written, recorded)
  3. Strong verbal and written communication skills
  4. Strong experience with software development
  5. Ability to travel about 20% of your time
  6. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision

Why you should join

  1. Define & build our DevEx community from the ground up: This will be critical to accelerating the company's growth.
  2. Ship fast to end users: Your work will get shipped quickly (like super fast) and land directly into the hands of developers & all of our end users!
  3. 0 to 1: You will have the front row seats to an incredible 0 to 1 journey.

To apply, send an email to, with your resume and anything else you'd like to add.

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