Scorecards for maturity, health and production readiness

Port scorecards let you define and track standards, metrics, and KPIs for quality, production readiness, productivity, and more. Scorecard results can also be used for workflow automation,  for instance, to raise a flag or stop workflows when a service is degraded.

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Create a culture of quality

With Port you can track maturity across the software development lifecycle, helping developers follow policies and standards while enabling “you build it, you own it”. Standards are the outcome of setting the proper processes and measurements, helping developers deliver the right quality, maturity and production readiness.

Operational maturity

Determine whether service level objectives are met, test coverage levels, on-call activity health as well as versioning, encryption and availability zones.

Health KPIs

Health can be anything from deployment outcomes, to the health of different microservices and cloud infrastructure components. Easily determine the ripple effect of poor maturity on dependent entities.

DORA metrics

Set up and track DORA metrics by tracking deployment frequency, lead time for changes, mean time to recovery, and change failure rates.

Operational Readiness

These Indicators can be used as a checklist for production readiness, as well as post-production audits and to detect any degradation or missing elements.

How does it work?

Scorecards serve both as part of workflow automation, delivering valuable information about services or other catalog entities, or to drive engineering quality


Choose Scorecard

Which metrics would you like to focus on?


Set Checks

Check against software catalog data, coming from out-of-the-box integrations to external tools


Define and Certify

Set thresholds for metrics and scorecards, such as Gold, Silver and Bronze.



Discuss quality and standards with teams and promote better practices and results.

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