Cloud Resource Permission Management

Stop cloud resource permission tickets and misconfigurations, auto-expire sharing permissions and allow developer autonomy without providing access to numerous tools. Easily manage and review permission requests and ensure compliance with activity logs and one central place of control.

Cloud Resource Permission Management

Self-serve permissions

When developers ask for permissions to cloud resources, production environments and any other type of resource, a time limit needs to be set. Allow developers to receive temporary permissions to cloud resources, without tickets and within clear TTL. Pre-define the cases which need manual approval.

What needs to expire, must expire

Stop manual or glue-code of permission cleanup, and better track granting and revoking permissions. Drive better compliance and security.

One place to review and approve

No-code definition of timer properties in Port blueprints allows you to define expiration date & time that can trigger internal workflows, such as revoking permissions. You can also choose which elements and fields need to be in the developer self-service form.

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