FinOps Visibility

Use platform engineering and your internal developer portal to drive cloud and Kubernetes cost management, rightsize spend and drive a more cost-conscious engineering culture. No need to waste time tagging costs, it’s all done in the software catalog.

FinOps Visibility

Cloud cost visibility made easy

Enrich your software catalog metadata with FinOps information coming from Kubecost, AWS Cost Explorer, or datadog, to get full visibility into cost information, beyond raw resource cost data. Instead of deployment or cluster data, see team and project data, easily.

Mapping it all in the software catalog

Cloud cost data can be added to Port’s software catalog, without coding, using Port blueprints. All cost data will be immediately mapped to developers, teams, microservices, systems and domains. Now you can easily break down costs by service, team, customer or environment.

Scorecards = cost standards

Create cost scorecards to drive cost-conscious engineering culture and to rightsize costs without adding cognitive load to developers. You can also use workflow automation to identify issues and send alerts to the right people.

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