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Port is an open internal developer portal that is flexible enough to let you create the right developer self-service actions, define the data model you need for the catalog, and customize dashboards and scorecards to fit the needs of your different personas.



Software Catalog

Flexible data model

API based data ingestion

Rich properties

Out of the box data ingestion

Real time software catalog

Developer self-service

Supports any form of scaffolding

Custom self-service actions (including day 2), multiple invocation types

Fully customizable user interface

Rich user inputs

Dynamic permissions& usage restriction policies

Asyncrhonous actions

Manual approval support

Trigger actions using API

Kubernetes support

K8s object visibility

Multi cluster support

Any CRD support (ArgoCD, Istio, etc)

Flexible K8s views

Scorecards and iniatiatives

Custom scorecards

Customizable views for manager personas

Live integration with third party tools

Native integration with CI/CD data


Trigger DevOps workflows

Trigger alerts and notifications

Customizable visualizations

Customizable dashboards


Homepage per developer

Integrations & data ingestion

Open source extensibility framework

Global search and query

RBAC at scale (granular permissions)

Security (data ingestion in "push" model)


API first

Configuring the portal as code

Public roadmap


Developer portal usage analytics

Why teams choose Port

Bring your own data model

Port’s software catalog uses an API to populate with all the data you need to accurately model your data, in minutes, with zero coding.

Full developer self-service

From scaffolding to day-2 operations, provisioning ephemeral environments and more, Port does it all.

Workflow automation

Easily automate devops routines based on Port’s software catalog and event subscription mechanism.

Easy to set up

No coding, no complex deployments, ready in minutes.

Compared to Backstage, the advantages of Port are a lower TCO, faster setup time, support for your data model without any coding and a software catalog for workflow automation.

Let us walk you through the platform and catalog the assets of your choice.

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