Delivering AppSec with an internal developer portal

Bake security into every developer routine. With immediate visibility into the security posture of any app, developers can work independently, while managers can stay in control with scorecards, dashboards and initiatives.

AppSec posture management for developers

Help developers focus on what matters and prioritize hundreds (or thousands) of alerts from Snyk, Wiz, Dependabot, Trivy and more. Developers can quickly assess risks regardless of whether they are in services, images or running services.


One place to assess the organization's security posture, drive change and communicate what needs to be done.


Get alerted when a new threat is business critical, and be able to act.


Get a clear prioritized list of security tasks and take the required actions to remediate.

Make applications secure by design

Create golden paths and guardrails that make every developer action - from scaffolding a new service to adding a cloud resource - secure by default.


Define the right security standards and ensure no developer self-service action happens without them.


Get an immediate alert when a new threat is business critical, in context, and be able to see who needs to act.


Get a clear prioritized list of security tasks and take the required actions to remediate.

Add security to production readiness

Production ready means your application is checked for quality, reliability, and security. Port centralizes all this information by connecting with your entire stack, so nothing is missed. Query a Port scorecard before deploying a service and ensure no vulnerability sneaks through.


Configure your CI/CD to check the status of a Port scorecard before deploying a new service


Know that your team isn’t pushing non- compliant code to production


Enjoy a safety net that double-checks code before hitting production

Track all third-party software versions, just like that

Keep all your third-party dependencies, from open-source libraries to programming languages, organized and discoverable within the Port software catalog. Launch and monitor version upgrades and stay ahead of security vulnerabilities.


Use the software catalog to immediately see all dependencies and asset versions. Launch initiatives to upgrade and track completion and compliance.


Always know what the upgrade status is and easily access detailed and real-time reports, asking developers to take action when needed


Make it easy to tackle dependency updates, as part of developer daily routines.

How Port’s building blocks work for AppSec

Software Catalog

Using Port, all the relevant data about services and AppSec is in one place and in context. with Port you can immediately tell if a vulnerability is in production or isn’t.

Developer Self-Service

Set golden paths so that developers can self-serve with built-in security, making life easier for everyone.

Scorecards and Initiatives

Immediately tell when security standards are met, and track the status of all security initiatives.


Trigger notifications and workflows based on events, such as notifying developers on security scorecard degradation or blocking an action.


Create dashboards for DevSecOps, managers, SREs and developers, so they can see what needs to be done and do it.

I haven’t seen anything this customisable before; Port provides us dedicated views per team, role or user. You can filter, define visible properties or decide on grouping״

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