Dashboards and visualizations

Developers, teams and managers need different views and abstractions to see what needs to be done and take action. Personalized and to the point.

The right homepage

The homepage is the entry point to the portal experience: create a custom homepage for every user. Show personalized:

  • Open PRs

  • Jira tickets

  • Upcoming oncall

  • Action items

  • Custom elements

Dashboards with insights

Create customized dashboards by persona/team, to immediately show what matters to SREs, engineering leaders and AppSec, and then act.

  • Make quality issues pop off the screen

  • Provide a clear next best action to users

  • Drive a clear understanding of how to get to quality engineering at scale

Custom looks and layouts

Control the sidebar or add custom icons, logos and color pallets.

  • Make the portal your own with logos and colors

  • Curate the right content, per user

  • Edit folders and dashboards, so users can immediately see what they need

Makes any dev happier. We're serious about that.

Whether you're a full stack developer or a DevOps engineer, context switches are all over. We're here to 1000x the developer experience.

Eliminate clutter around infrastructure. Deliver faster.

Save thousands of hours spent on understanding, communicating and managing DevOps assets. Transform time consuming tasks into a one-click op.

A culture of quality and compliance

Use scorecards, golden paths and set the standards for compliance and software quality. Drive change through standards setting, not enforcement.

Starting with Port is simple, fast and free.

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