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$0 up to 15 users

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Free plan - up to 15 users
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What's inside

  • All features included

  • Community support channel

  • Multi-level permissions

  • Event-based architecture & backend

  • SSO


Custom pricing per contributing developer

What's inside

  • All features included

  • Premium support

  • Multi-level permissions

  • Event-based architecture & backend

  • SSO

  • Data locality options

  • Single tenant deployment option

  • Success team to drive adoption

  • Multiple workplaces supported

Pro and enterprise plans offer the same features



Software catalog entities

Unlimited *

Self-service actions


(Engineering-wide initiatives)




Data Retention


Software Catalog

Build your own data model: unlimited blueprints

Graph dependencies view

Rich properties & UI Components

Kubernetes out of the box support

Out of the box data ingestion (github, CI/CD, etc)

Access to all plugins

Developer self-service actions


Day-2 actions

Custom actions

Manual approval

Asynchronous actions

3rd party runners orchestration

Global search and query

Dashboards & Reports



Activity & Audit log

Full logging
Full logging


Slack support
Enterprise support & architect availability


Define any scorecard, no-code

Live integration with tools such as DataDog, Jira, PagerDuty etc

Native integration with CI/CD data


Event based subscriptions


Cron jobs

RBAC, Security & Audit

No-Code Granular RBAC

Adoption Insights

* The free version supports up to 10,000 software catalog entities.
** SSO isn't supported for the free version. If needed as part of an evaluation, contact us.

Frequently asked questions

What is a contributing developer?

Port defines contributing developers as developers that have made a commit to the purchaser's codebase in the past 90 days.

How can I get started?

Port is open for self-service. You can open a Port account and start building your internal developer portal right away. It’s free forever. As long as you're using Port's free version (limited to 15 users) your use of Port is unlimited in time, there is no "free trial" period.

You can also schedule an in-person demo with us, and we’ll be happy to show you a demo and discuss your needs...

Do I need an expert to set up an Internal Developer Portal with Port?

Port was designed to let you set up a developer portal in minutes, quickly defining your data model and then ingesting data about software and resources into it. We believe in “bring your own data model” since different engineering orgs differ in how they want to set up Port and model their software. The next simple step is adding developer self-service over existing automations, using our tools and wizards.

Our blog has several articles that deal with how to set up the portal, and our docs can also help. If not, feel free to drop us a note or ask for an in-person demo.

Why not backstage?

Spotify’s backstage is spot-on in recognizing the need for a streamlined end-to-end development environment. It is also flexible, which lets you build your software catalog according to your data model. Yet, it requires coding, personnel to implement and domain expertise. You also need to invest in deployment, configuration and updates. You can read a detailed comparison of Port and Backstage here.

Is Port really free?

Yes. Anything that is free in our pricing page is, well, free. Using the free version of Port you can set up an advanced, fully functioning internal developer portal, unlimited in time.

So what's included in the free version?

The free version includes all of the features in Port, except for SSO and a certain limitation on the number of software catalog entities (up to 10,000), for reasons of fair use. In case you're evaluating Port, it provides you with everything you need, and if you need SSO for a given period, contact us.

What's the difference between Enteprise and Pro?

Pro is limited to 100 contributing developers. Enterprise is anything above that, and also includes enterprise support, customer success to ensure a successful adoption and deployment as well as options for single tenancy and more.

Can I deploy Port on-premise?

Port is a SaaS product, with on-premise, open-source brokers. While we had considered requests for an on-premise Port in the past, we ended up choosing SaaS since it allows us to deliver features quickly and provide the best product. We also believe SaaS doesn’t mean compromised security, but rather the opposite.

We put a lot of thought into Port’s design to make it secure. As a result, Port’s product doesn’t store secrets or credentials, and doesn't require whitelisting of IPs. Port can not make any inbound network calls into our customers’ networks. All communication between the broker and Port is one-way, initiated from the broker, and encrypted with TLS.

If you want to go a little deeper to understand what makes Port secure, checkout this page.

What security does Port have in place?

Port is Soc2 compliant and is committed to security. Go to our security page to learn more.

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