Kubernetes & ArgoCD visualization

Drive autonomy with the Kubernetes data and visualization developers need and not more. DevOps will find this useful too, with all Kubernetes data mapped across software and resource catalog entities.

Kubernetes & ArgoCD visualization

A Kubernetes Software Catalog

Port’s Kubernetes plugin automatically collects live data from your existing Kubernetes infrastructure to enrich Port’s Software Catalog. It enables live synchronization of different Kubernetes resources (such as Namespaces, Deployments, and any other resource supported by the Kubernetes API) into the Port software catalog, from pods and replicasets to ArgoCD projects. It also supports smart filters and transformations to map your Kubernetes resources to the desired Port entities.

Operate Kubernetes Clusters with Self-Service actions

Developers need golden paths and guardrails to roam free. Kubernetes self-service actions enable that. Developers can change replica counts, redeploy image tags, modify auto scaling groups or rollback running services. Choose the self-service actions that developers need, or set-up different ones for on-call and SREs.

Avoid Misconfigurations with Scorecards

Maintain high standards by setting thresholds for your cluster versions, replicasets configuration and ensure that CPU and memory limits do not exceed a certain threshold. Scorecards can help prioritize actions, drive quality and to launch any health or other initiative.

Check out the Kubernetes & ArgoCD visualization in Port's live demo, with pre-populated data

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