Ephemeral Environments for Developers

Let developers provision ephemeral environments using a simple, product-like user interface for a great developer experience. Allow day-2 operations such as ETL mock data, invite a developer or redeploy with a new branch version. You can also add an option to request manual approval for a longer TTL.

Ephemeral Environments for Developers

Control Ephemeral Environments

Stop worrying about orphaned developer environments, and other on-demand resources that continue to live in the shadows, making cloud costs uncontrollable and environments messy. Control costs through a better understanding of resource consumption by developers, teams and groups.

Set Developers Free with One Click Enivronments

Easily create forms that allow Day 2 actions such as ETL mock data, inviting a developer or redeploy with a different branch. Set TTL when needed and add manual approvals too. All self-service actions are stateful and immediately reflected in the software catalog, together with an activity log.

TTL Workflow Automation

No need for cleanup scripts or weekly tasks to control orphan environments, use TTL workflow automation that will check entity status against the software catalog. Leverage existing automations such as terraform destroy to terminate environments and notify developers when needed.

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