Cloud Resource Catalog

Create a cloud resource software catalog and integrate the data into the general software catalog to gain a thorough understanding of how your services utilize cloud resources and depend on them. This simplifies resource management by providing relevant metadata, so that non-cloud-experts in your engineering team can get a clear view that’s immediately understood by them.

Cloud Resource Catalog

Let auto-discovery surface resources directly

Once you use Port’s exporters, your resource data will automatically populate into the software catalog, essentially discovering all resources and putting them in context, with the associated service it depends on, the developer who provisioned it or with relation to any custom entity.

Tie FinOps and cloud costs into the software catalog

Understand production, staging, customer cloud expenses by connecting the dots between the relevant blueprints and the associated cloud resources. Empower FinOps teams with the context they need.

Scorecards for cloud resources

Use scorecards to streamline the security, compliance, and access control to your cloud resources, such as enabling encryption or versioning for buckets and multiple availability zones for databases. Unify data from cloud security tools for a holistic understanding of your cloud resource state. Scorecards can enhance root cause analysis to understand the ripple effect of a misbehaving resource on dependent catalog entities like services, leading to faster incident resolution and increased reliability.

Here's what a cloud resource catalog can look like

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