Package Management

Using Port, it is very easy to implement package dependency mapping for your microservices. This helps when investigating a dependency related issue or bug, or when checking for security issues as well as avoiding code duplication and shadow packages.

Package Management

Visualize package dependencies

Within the software catalog you can visualize dependencies of package-dependent components such as microservices, environments, cloud resources, regions, cloud accounts etc. This helps align package versions and drive package vulnerability initiatives.

Drive in-house package collaboration

When multiple teams work on projects with similar needs, code duplication happens. This wastes efforts, creates maintenance issues and more. Encourage a culture of collaboration around in-house developed packages by allowing creation of new packages, and driving their adoption and collaborative changes.

Set package standards

Using software catalog scorecards in the software catalog, set standards for each package, in-context. Use scorecards to prioritize work and drive better quality.

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