Extensibility & flexibility

Platform engineering is about providing the right platform-as-product to developers. Port is how this happens, through openness, flexibility and extensibility.

Power up with Blueprints

Every engineering organization is different. That’s why internal developer portals should be open by definition to include everything in the software development lifecycle and more.

  • Any data model: Blueprints are schema definitions for anything you’d like to have in the portal, and are un-opinionated by definition. Use them to create the portal you need and to change it as you go.

  • Any abstraction needed: Blueprints let you define different views and abstractions that would fit the different personas using the internal developer portal.

Make Port feel like home

Portal-as-product also means you can customize themes, homepages, logos and the actual UI developers use for self-service actions. 

  • The themes you need for the homepage, dashboards and reports

  • Connect to in-house systems and platforms

  • Secure by design

Extend Port with Open Source

Port Ocean is an open source extensibility framework. Using it anyone can create exporters, self-service actions, automations and integrations and add them to Port.

  • Seamlessly enrich Port with FinOps, security, alerts (and more) related data with just one click

  • Connect to in-house systems and platforms

  • Secure by design

Let us walk you through the platform and catalog the assets of your choice.

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